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What are the North Carolina driver’s license restoration laws?

Drivers in North Carolina who want to enjoy their driving privileges must obey state and local traffic ordinances or face the possible suspension of their license. The North Carolina Department of Transportation notes that drivers who want to restore their licenses must fulfill several requirements beforehand.

If you lost your license due to a DWI conviction or other traffic offense, there are a few steps you may need to take before you can restore your driving privileges.


After a DWI, DUI or multiple traffic offenses, the state may suspend your license for a period of time, depending on the severity of the infraction. Restoring your license usually comes with a variety of fees which may be added to other costs, such as:

  • License renewal
  • Service fees
  • Additional DMV fees

Once your suspension is complete, you can apply to restore your license for a fee of $70. The state typically allows you to make these payments online for convenience or if you moved to another state and need to release its hold so you can apply for a new license elsewhere.

DWI restoration

A DWI charge can seriously affect your driving privileges in North Carolina, but in some cases, you may recover them depending on the charges, such as whether the suspension is the result of a first offense. Once the suspension passes, you can contact your local DMV and request the restoration for a fee of around $140.

Services fees may not apply if you surrendered your license to the state before the suspension period began. This includes a surrender to the judge during the trial or sentencing phase of your case.