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Let Us Do The Worrying For You

A threat to your freedom

Federal investigations happen all the time. In every case, these investigations are serious.

Try thinking about it this way: Law enforcement professionals commit hours of labor to uncover evidence of crimes. It takes training, technology and a high degree of inter-agency coordination to accomplish these complex endeavors. In the vast majority of cases, the only reason to expend this effort would be to secure a conviction.

Expect strategy

Because investigations are such an investment, you should probably be very careful if you find yourself the target. Federal law-enforcement agents are more than simply good researchers. They are good students of human behavior.

There are many different strategies they might use. For example, they could potentially approach you as allies, asking for you to uncover the criminal activity of one of your associates. Remember, that is their job — and it is unlikely they really need your help. If they are asking you, it could be a strategy to convince you to incriminate yourself.

Protect your rights

The greatest thing you can do for yourself and for your country is to protect your civil rights. Law-enforcement agents might try to convince you otherwise, especially if you are under investigation.

Civil rights are what makes this country great. They are what stands between you and unnecessary consequences due to abuse of government power. When you protect them, you protect freedom — your own and that of our society.

Federal investigations are not violations in and of themselves. However, it is important to hold those in power accountable for how they collect information about us. Also, if you suspect you are the subject of an investigation, please consider your rights before making any statements.