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The impact of a driving record on insurance costs

Driving records in North Carolina are monitored carefully to ensure that people who are allowed the privilege of driving are responsible enough to be operating a motor vehicle without putting those around them at risk. When people receive traffic violations, depending on the frequency of their offense and how severe it was, a history of their behavior will begin to accumulate and will take time to remove.

A poor driving record can affect a person’s ability to acquire employment, especially in situations where a potential job requires a person to operate a company vehicle or mechanical equipment. It can also make it more difficult for people to get good rates on their automobile insurance if their record demonstrates their inability to drive safely. According to Progressive Insurance, most first-time offenses may not affect a person’s record or rates too badly. However, this depends on how their insurer views the violation and its severity. For insurance companies who provide discounts for people who drive safely, even one minor violation could compromise their discount.

The type of information that is included on a person’s driving record according to the North Carolina Department of Transportation includes the following:

  • General information including a person’s name, address, driver’s license information and pertinent vehicle information.
  • Details about auto accidents a driver has been involved in, violations they have made and outstanding tickets or warrants.

People who choose to operate their vehicle when their license has been suspended could lose their privilege to drive indefinitely until they undergo the required legal recommendations for getting it back. Over time and with adherence to all traffic laws, people can clear their driving record and previous offenses may be removed completely.