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Do I need a lawyer to defend me against criminal charges?

If you had a medical condition that could result in a radical change in your ability to enjoy your life as it is, would you seek help from a doctor? Most people would obtain the opinion of a professional and pay whatever it costs to avoid consequences that could jeopardize their well-being.

The same may be true if you are facing a legal issue that places your future and your freedom at risk. If you are dealing with criminal charges, you may be tempted to handle them on your own. Perhaps you have read enough online or seen your share of court dramas on TV that you feel you have a firm grasp on how to defend yourself. However, there are numerous reasons why the assistance of a legal professional can benefit you in this situation.

What can a lawyer offer?

Attorneys undergo years of intense education following the completion of their undergraduate degree. They take rigorous tests and must continue their education after graduation. This understanding of the complexities of criminal law is essential for their ability to provide competent and effective defense.

Many defense attorneys have special certifications in criminal law as well as years of experience in the courtroom and at the negotiation table. A North Carolina attorney will have particular competence with state and local laws related to the charges against you. Additionally, your attorney can provide these benefits:

  • An understanding of how to handle legal procedures and appropriate documents without errors that could jeopardize your case
  • A network of resources, including scientists, private detectives, expert witnesses and other professionals
  • The skills to examine and challenge evidence presented against you
  • The knowledge and experience to realize when it is best to negotiate a deal and how to achieve a fair plea bargain for you
  • Associations and practice dealing with judges and opposing attorneys that enables your lawyer to deduce how best to proceed for the most positive outcome

If you choose to defend yourself without the benefit of a criminal attorney, you should keep in mind that you will be head-to-head with skilled, experienced and well-prepared prosecuting attorneys who will take every advantage of your inexperience. Instead of taking this risk, you may benefit from learning more about the charges against you and your best options for protecting your freedom. Many attorneys offer free evaluations to prospective clients, and this is worth investigating before you take the matter into your own hands.