Criminal Appeals

If you or a loved one is considering appeal of a criminal conviction in North Carolina, you may find a limited number of trial attorneys equipped and willing to handle the case. At the Law Offices of J. Darren Byers, P.A., we have been involved in a number of high-level criminal appeals, including cases heard in the:

  • North Carolina Court of Appeals
  • North Carolina Supreme Court
  • Fourth Circuit (federal) Court of Appeals

We will welcome the opportunity to discuss your legal challenge and the possibility of success in a criminal appeals procedure. Call 336-727-1070 or send an email now to request a free consultation with proven criminal appeals attorney J.D. Byers. We will respond as quickly as possible.

A Track Record of Strong Arguments and Precedent-Setting Cases

Lawyer J.D. Byers’ appeals court experience includes:

  • A successful Supreme Court case that resulted in our client recovering in full on a large insurance claim — and created new insurance law very favorable to individuals receiving coverage
  • A Supreme Court case involving alleged air transport of 50 kilos of cocaine
  • A high-profile domestic shooting case
  • Several drug offense cases before the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals

Successful Appeals Require Knowledge, Experience and Tenacity

When considering a lawyer for your appeal, it is important to recognize that a successful effort will almost certainly require:

  • Familiarity with a very extensive, specific and stringent set of rules
  • The ability and tenacity to investigate and evaluate every aspect of the case, applying proven criminal defense and other important skills
  • The analytical skill to build a compelling case, and the courtroom presence to argue that case extremely well
  • Tireless commitment to advocacy for the client, through a process that commonly takes many months or several years

In cases worth taking to our highest courts for appeal, the stakes are high by definition. To seek proven, dedicated representation that can make the difference in your civil or criminal appeals case, please contact us today.